Our freshly minted bumper decals have arrived!! These images are a visual representation of that old school lifestyle! Many have always asked us what they mean well here it is:


  • The Hayashi Sakura/Yayoi, because we can't have a dope looking classic without a dope set of JDM wheels to match it!
  • The Tow Truck with the Hako! Because it's only a matter of time until we all hitch a ride on the flat bed!! =)
  • The land of the rising sun, the birthplace of all these cool classic JDM cars we have all come to love!
  • The beer bottle, our elixir of choice for those days when we all meet up and congregate.
  • The wrench and bottle opener. We need the bottle opener for the beers, and the wrench for those days in the garage. 


We hope you guys enjoy these!  These measure 8" x 2.5" 

VJMU Bumper Decal

SKU: VJMU_Bumper
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